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As the sister of the bride, you have a very important role to play not only on D-Day but through all the functions before that. The first thing you need to do, therefore, is to learn how to look and feel the part to the T. At the same time, you need to remember that following the latest fashion trends might not be the best choice. After all, not every fabric, colour and design or cut of an outfit will suit you. While some people might dazzle in a sari, others are better able to set the stage on fire in a lehenga. Then again, anarkali suits are the most forgiving of all outfits, giving almost every body type a great silhouette. The best part is that there are so many designer Anarkali suits online. On the other hand, the outfit is just one of the aspects, there is so much more to looking the part.Buy Mukta Mishree Blue, Fawn Cotton Designer Anarkali Suit - Mme-a-9302 Price and Features.Shop  Mukta Mishree Blue, Fawn Cotton Designer Anarkali Suit - Mme-a-9302 Online.

Top Tips for the Sister of the Bride

Regardless of whether you choose to wear designer party wear Anarkali suits or not, here are some useful tips on how you can look your best and yet be able to fulfill all your responsibilities with ease:Buy Mukta Mishree Teal Cotton Designer Anarkali Suit - Mme-a-9309 Price and Features.Shop  Mukta Mishree Teal Cotton Designer Anarkali Suit - Mme-a-9309 Online.

  • The first thing to remember is that you will be doing a lot of running around because only the bride has the privilege to sit daintily in all her finery. So, whether it istherokamehendisangeet or the actual wedding, you need clothes that are lightweight and comfortable, while also allowing you to dance to your heart’s content. Make sure you try out the outfits you finalize at least once before each occasion so that you are sure of the fit and feel.
  • Choose your overall look according to your personality and age. This means that your hairstyle, makeup and your attire should all flatter you. This also means that this is the time to take the shape of your face and your body into account while making choices. Remember, what might look wonderful on someone else need not have the same impact for you.Buy Vendee Beads Fashion Copper Earrings (8072 A) Price and Features.Shop  Vendee Beads Fashion Copper Earrings (8072 A) Online.
  • Balance is key, whether it isyourmake-upjewellery or clothes. This is also the time to remember that often less is more. If you are having your hair and make-up done at a beauty parlour, it might be a good idea to visit them in advance and discuss what you are really looking for, get their inputs and finalize a look.
  • Bring insomecolour. This is your sister’s wedding, after all, so, why go for the usual (and by now, boring) gold and bling. Choose vibrant colours that are befitting of the occasion, such as a hot pink, a rich emerald green or even a crimson red (as long as the bride isn’t wearing red). You can choose from a wide range of colors when you choose Anarkali suits online. Shopping on this platform will ease some of the stress that planning for a wedding brings to the whole family. Remember, as the sister of the bride, you will be as much in the limelight as the bride herself.
  • Next youneedto decide on the jewellery you will wear. There is a wide variety of options available today, especially if you are looking for imitation jewellery. They look as good as the real thing and cost a fraction of the price. So, consider kundan, polka or temple jewellery  You can look for entire sets online as well. You will find everything from maang tikaas to huge rings that make the right impact. Go bold with huge jhumkas or make a statement with a haath phool.

So, get all set to hide the groom’s shoes and dance the night away at your sister’s wedding. And, don’t forget to make all heads turn with your own take on the right balance between tradition and the modern with designer Anarkali suits for weddings.